The dataset of the SEíS energy information system include the data sources modelled using semantic technologies following Linked Data principles.

RÉPENER’s ontology has been coded in the OWL DL-LiteA formalism using an upper-ontology (the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology, SUMO) which provides related-domain units of measure such as meter, watt, or joule. The RÉPENER ontology contains 71 classes and 100 properties with 858 axioms.

The dataset has been created through an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process which converts the data sources to RDF according to RÉPENER’s ontology. D2RQ mapping language and dump-rdf tool have been applied to transform the data sources into RDF which has been stored in a Virtuoso server. The SILK framework has been used to generate links between instances of the different data sources.

The semantic data is accessible through the services of this prototype. Furthermore, it is possible to access directly the RDF data with the following interfaces:

- SPARQL Endpoint which enables SPARQL queries on the dataset:

- Data portal based on Pubby tool providing an HTML interface with dereferenceable URIs:

Summary of the main features of the dataset.

VoID file


Base URI for instances

SPARQL endpoint

Graph name

Number of triples


Number of distinct subjects


Number of distinct objects


owl:sameAs links


repener:closestStation links